Making sure that you are on the right medication is an important part of looking after your health and is a partnership with your doctors, practice nurses and your local pharmacist. We recommend that you have at least an annual review of your medication around the time of your birthday. This will usually be with the GP who will carry out routine checks. If there are any problems these will be discussed with your doctor. For some reviews you will need to see a doctor and in some cases it is possible to carry out your review by telephone rather than by coming into the practice.

We believe that it is very important that you understand why you are taking your medication and what checks you need to have on a regular basis to maintain your health. We can give you a list of your current health problems and medications that we have recorded for you. This information is also available to you on-line and we recommend that you register for on-line access and order your repeat medication this way. Please let the doctor, nurse or pharmacist know if there is any information anything you don’t understand.

Looking after your health is more than just carrying out a medication review. We want to find out what matters to you not just what is the matter with you. This means finding out what is most important for you as an individual and will be different for each person.