Fees for medical reports, letters, vaccination charges

Access to records under Data Protection Act Who pays Charge
Computerised records Patient Up to £19
Manual records or combination of manual/computer records 40p per page up to a max of £50 Patient/Solicitor £50
Administration Charge for sending by recorded delivery Patient /Solicitor £19.00
Adoption and Fostering Who Pays Charge
Who pays Adoption fees normally paid by parent, fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by the adoption fostering agency
Form IHA Initial Health Assessment £58.12
Forms M, B Obstetric Neonatal reports £44.95
Forms C, D, YP or AME Full examination of child £97.91
Form AH Health assessment, prospective carer £129.00
Form AH2 Update report parent/carer £24.36
Childminder (Ofsted health declaration form) patient/employer £84.50
Examination of children in /for care-first exam £37.99
Subsequent exam £24.36
Freedom from infection for children for care £24.36
Attendance allowance/disability living allowance Who pays Charge
GP factual report – DWP £33.50
DS1500 – DWP £17.70
Blue Badge scheme Who pays Charge
Report only Local authority £25.15
Examination and report Local authority £39.22
Certificates and forms Who pays Charge
Criminal injuries compensation report on pro forma Criminal Injuries Authority £38.00
Freedom from infection certificate Patient £29.00
Letter re: fitness to exercise, travel etc Patient £39.00
Passport form/photograph/Care Commission report Patient £59.00
Private Sick Note (any sick note within 7 days is private) Patient £29.00
Provident Association claim form (e.g.BUPA/PPP) Patient £39.00
School fees Insurance claim form Patient £39.00
Fitness to attend state school Local authority £39.00
Fitness for sport, school, university, etc Patient £89.00
Health Certificate to attend university, college, teacher and nurses training Patient/Employer £89.00
Dentists, completion of Application for first registration of a dentists Patient £89.00
Letters (Private letters)  Who pays Charge
Letter to confirm registration at the practice  Patient £27
To whom it may concern letter  Patient £40
Driving Who pays Charge
Full medical and report, HGV, PSV Patient £139.00
Report no examination (20 to 30 mins) Patient £79.00
Extract from records (15 mins) Patient £69.00
Report to DVLA with examination DVLA £59.00
Report to DVLA No examination DVLA £29.00
Seat belt exemption Patient £70.00
Taxi driver and elderly driver certificates Patient £70.00
Driving licence photograph Patient £25.00
PCV LGV driver Patient/Employer £119.00
Local Authority PCV/LGV driver Local authority £90.50
Employment – Private Who pays Charge
Full medical with report/certificate (private/Insurance – 45mins) Patient / Employer / Insurance £219.00
Report without examination (private/insurance-30mins) Patient / Employer / Insurance £139.00
Report on Pro-forma (20mins) Patient / Employer / Insurance £99.00
Extract from records (no examination or opinion -15 min) Employer £69.00
Certificate of Incapacity Patient Insurance £39.00
Employment – Local Authority/Police/NHS Who pays Charge
Police/Local Authority medical exam, certificate, opinion Local Authority £109.50
Local Authority/Police report without examination (30 mins) Local Authority £74.50
Extract from records (no examination or opinion -15 min) Local Authority £37.50
LA/Police Medical for higher grade appointment Local Authority £109.50
NHS Employee Prospective Local NHS Body £39.22
Fireman’s Medical Examination Fire Master £109.50
Fireman’s Medical Examination for Continuation of part-time FM Fire Master £109.50
Extract from records Who pays Charge
Private (15 mins) Employer £55.00
Government/Local authority £33.00
Fitness for sport, school, university, etc Who pays Charge
Examination and report Patient/Insurance company £132.00
Extract from records 15mins Patient/Insurance company £55.00
Short Certificate of incapacity Patient Insurance company £49.00
Local Authority Who pays Charge
Work in Surgery 2.5 to 3.5 hours Local Authority £402.50
Work in Surgery Short session 1 hour Local Authority £134.00
Work out of Surgery 2.5 to 3.5 hours Local Authority £201.50
Work out of Surgery short session 1 hour Local Authority £80.50
Lecture to the public Local Authority £58.56
Emergency visits 9AM to PM Local Authority £25.68
Emergency visits PM to 9?? Local Authority £52.06
Council tax Certificate of severe impairment Free
Insurance (Sickness) Who pays Charge
Examination and report Insurance Company £169.10
Extract from records (15 mins) Insurance Company £56.00
Certificate of incapacity insurance Company £59.00
Insurance Claim form completion Patient £49.00
Insurance (Accident) Who pays Charge
Examination and report Insurance Company/Patient £148.00
Report without examination Insurance Company/Patient £98.50
Report on pro forma (20 mins) Insurance Company/Patient £66.00
Extract from records Insurance Company/Patient £69.00
Short certificate insurance Company/Patient £59.00
Life Assurance Proposal Who pays Charge
GP examination own patient Insurance Company £149.50
GP report no examination Insurance Company £109.50
GP supplementary report Insurance Company £29.00
BUPA, PPP, WPA, Private medical insurance (PMI) Who pays Charge
report on prospective subscriber PMI – Extract from records Insurance Company £69.00
Completion of Form Insurance Company £113.50
Full medical exam and report Insurance Company £169.50
Mental Capacity Certificate Who pays Charge
with examination Solicitor/Guardian £169.00
No examination Solicitor/Guardian £89.00
Mental Health Psychiatric Examination non-specialist fee Local Authority £53.76
Private Medical Examinations and Reports Who pays Charge
Patient £60.00
Full examination with report or certificate Patient / Employer / Insurance £169.10
Government Department Government Department £60.00
Report no examination Who pays Charge
Private (30 mins) Patient / Employer / Insurance £113.00
Report on Pro-forma (20mins) Patient / Employer / Insurance £89.00
Travel Abroad Who pays Charge
Pregnant Woman’s Medical Certificate Attesting Fitness to Fly noting their good health and indicating the baby’s expected date of birth Patient £69.00
Fitness to travel certificate Patient £39.00
Prescription for drugs required solely for purpose e.g Malaria tab Patient £29.00
Vaccination certificate Patient £29.00
Holiday cancellation simple certificate Insurance Company/Patient £49.00
Holiday cancellation insurance claim Insurance Company/Patient £69.00
Simple letter detailing prescription medicines Patient £19.00
Vaccination Charges (Occupational and Travel) Who pays Charge
Hepatitis A-first injection (2 injection course) No Charge
Hepatitis A-second/booster injections administration charge No Charge
Hepatitis A Junior-first injection (2 injection course) No Charge
Hepatitis A Junior – second/booster injections No Charge
Hepatitis B injections per course) Patient £129.00
Blood Test Patient £45.00
Jab type Charge
Hepatitis A (adult) £51.00
Hepatitis A (Junior) £46.00
Hepatitis B (adult) £46.00
Hepatitis B (Junior) £43.00
Meningitis (ACWY) £109.00
Rabies £75.00
Typhoid £45.00
Yellow Fever £74.00
DTP £39.00
Hepatitis A/ Typhoid Combined £74.00
Private Prescriptions £29.00
Injection Only £35.00